Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
IT | By Laverne Higgins

Updated Google Assistant Could Make Calls to Book Your Appointment

Updated Google Assistant Could Make Calls to Book Your Appointment

"There are lots of questions in the news where there is not a single right answer", says Richard Gingras, Google's VP of News.

When you make a request, the Google Assistant will hand it over to Google Duplex to carry out; if it's within Duplex's abilities it'll get on with it.

Attendees wait in line to attend a session during the annual Google I/O developers conference in Mountain View, California, May 8, 2018. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said, "We're working really hard to get this right". But how does that matter to Indian users?

If you want a look at what the Smart Displays will do when they arrive, you can check out this hands-on demo from Mobile World Congress. This may be based on Google's upcoming Smart Compose technology that suggests words and phrases based on what's being typed. The service is designed specifically to become more fine-tuned with the users' interest over the period.

Google's news app is changing completely with more editorial focus and is powered by AI.

Experience Google Home incredible features which may you have wanted ever. We're talking believable inflection, natural pauses, and even linguistic fillers, such as um, ah, and the like.

Now, Google assistant can speak in two different tones, both men and women and six different voices. With this, the Assistant will respond politely to commands that include "please".

Air France stock shares fall amid strike, CEO's resignation
Air France-KLM is one of Europe's unique aircraft, however, has seen a progression of strikes as of late. Mr Janaillac is not the first Air France executive to suffer at the hands of its unions.

One co-owner of a San Francisco Bay Area barbershop patronized by some Google employees was a little creeped out by the privacy implications. But the other party in that call that Google Assistant can place for you has not agreed to have his or her voiced interpreted or recorded by a robot. For giving a more natural feel the Assistant even displayed hesitations and affirmations during the phone calls like "err" or "mm-hmm".

Betting big on AI, Pichai said there's a huge opportunity for this technology to transform many fields.

Google aims to help doctors be more efficient and for patients to get better quality of healthcare.

Google's AI smarts have outsmarted all other players in the realm, exhibiting jaw-dropping capabilities. Google is also tweaking its own algorithms to help surface authoritative sources in moments when news is breaking to prevent the spread of conspiracy theories - though it should be noted that without tackling YouTube, where many conspiracy theories spread, the initiative can only be a half-measure.

A new Google News app will be getting several new features, including Newscasts, which gives users a preview of a story, and lets them decide where to go from there. The most of important of these is the replacement of old navigation buttons with gesture-based navigation control. Google Maps will now be able to colorize a black and white photo, if you have one from the retro times, and edit it to perfection for you.

There's a new Dashboard that shows users exactly how they spent their day on their phone. You shouldn't have to spend time clicking around the internet picking bouquets, figuring out shipping preferences and options. Many other enhancements were announced, such as the Action Notifications.

- Other features like Slices and Android P Beta are also included. Users can set the time for the phone to wind down, and it will turn into "Do Not Disturb" mode and fades the colors into grayscale once the time is up.

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