Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
IT | By Laverne Higgins

Android P will indeed have a 'Clear All' button

Android P will indeed have a 'Clear All' button

The Android P 9.0 does come with the standard trio of navigation buttons, but now there's a new option within the settings menu, which lets you try the newly redesigned navigation experience.

Though it's only a minor change, the idea that the notch - which didn't even exist one year ago - is already making Google rethink the way it designs its operating systems is interesting. There's also a "Headlines" tab, with important news from around the world. The AI will also deliver suggestions to enhancing the images for the users.

LENS: Google's visual assistant will be built into the camera.

Google recently also rolled out a new User Interface (UI) for Gmail. These features allow Chrome OS to feel just as natural as a traditional laptop or in newer touch-centric tablet form factors. But, hopefully Google told them after the test was completed.

The new Google News app uses the best of artificial intelligence to find the best of human intelligence and the great reporting done by journalists around the globe. This will help them to cut back on compulsively staring at their phone at any moment of downtime.

Apple may launch triple rear camera iPhone in 2019
Apple might finally be ready to take the next step with camera hardware, if a new report from the Taipei Times is to be believed. According to a security analyst, Jeff Pu, Apple might launch a phone with a tri-camera setup in the second half of 2019.

The new app will start rolling out on Android, iOS, and the web starting today.

This new Quick Scrub gesture works in any app, whichever part of the OS you may be in. Apart from that, there is the original one too with which users are probably familiar with. But the other party in that call that Google Assistant can place for you has not agreed to have his or her voiced interpreted or recorded by a robot. You can also access more than 1,000 magazine titles in a mobile-optimised reading format.

Google Assistant is now available on the iPhone.

The reimagined Google News uses a new set of AI techniques to take a constant flow of information as it hits the web, analyse it in real time and organise it into storylines. Tech experts say that Google has been working on a Match feature. A demonstration by Google on stage showed the display pulling up Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube TV.

Google stated the release of its next-generation machine learning chip. It will also encourage kids to be polite by thanking them when they say please, similar to a feature Amazon is bringing to its Alexa voice assistant.

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