Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
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Driver: Tesla's Autopilot engaged during crash

Driver: Tesla's Autopilot engaged during crash

Police in a Salt Lake City suburb say it's not immediately known whether a Tesla Model S sedan's semi-autonomous Autopilot driving system was in use when it rear-ended a truck apparently without braking before impact at approximately 60 miles per hour.

"What's actually awesome about this accident is that a Model S hit a fire truck at 60 m.p.h. and the driver only broke an ankle", he added. Police said the Tesla driver, who was reportedly looking at her phone before the crash, was taken to hospital with a broken ankle, while the truck driver suffered whiplash. "An impact that speed usually results in severe injury or death".

Tesla co-founder Elon Musk has slammed recent coverage of a road traffic collision involving one of his company's electric vehicles, which was reportedly on autopilot mode. The company said that total Model 3 production was 9,766 for the quarter and that it delivered 8,180 cars.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a Tesla crash in Florida last week that killed two high school students. This past March, the agency opened an investigation after a Mountain View, California man crashed into a highway barrier and the auto burst into flames. Now, Musk has said in the email to the Tesla staff that it was "flattening the management structure to improve communication", and cutting activities that are not "not vital to the success of our mission". Waymo said on Sunday that Matthew Schwall had joined it from Tesla, where he was its main technical contact with USA safety investigators, and last week Tesla said senior vice president of engineering Doug Field was taking time off to recharge. "To be clear, we will continue to hire rapidly in critical hourly and salaried positions to support the Model 3 production ramp and future product development".

Updated Google Assistant Could Make Calls to Book Your Appointment
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Mr Musk said during a conference call earlier this month that the company was going to conduct sort of a reorganisation restructuring.

Witnesses said the Tesla vehicle did not brake prior to impact, the police said in a statement, adding it was unknown if the autopilot feature in the Model S was engaged at the time. "In each of our past investigations involving a Tesla vehicle, Tesla has been extremely cooperative on assisting with the vehicle data", an agency spokesman said. It was unknown at the time of the accident whether the driver was operating on the Autopilot feature.

Tesla has said the autopilot feature in its vehicles only handles some driving tasks.

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