Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
World News | By Joan Terry

Stormy Daniels' Attorney Tries to Intimidate Reporter With Legal Threats - Gets Exposed

Stormy Daniels' Attorney Tries to Intimidate Reporter With Legal Threats - Gets Exposed

Avenatti said that "more than 99 percent of the payments to Mr. Cohen listed in the report were proven accurate either by other reporting or by the entities themselves that made the payments", in his filing in Manhattan federal court.

Michael Avenatti, the attorney representing adult film star Stormy Daniels, published the contact information of a Fox News booker to his 406.5k Twitter followers early on Saturday morning.

Minutes after the screenshots containing McNally's numbers were published, Avenatti deleted them and reposted the same tweet with the numbers blacked out. Last week, he set off another media frenzy by releasing a document detailing the hundreds of thousands of dollars Cohen received from major corporations and others in 2017 after pitching them on his access to the new president. One of those companies, AT&T, had gone so far as to acknowledge the hiring of Cohen was "a big mistake", Avenatti noted.

"Given the dearth of legal or factual support relating to anything having to do with Mr. Avenatti's right to advocate on behalf of his client in this court, Mr. Cohen's argument's must be summarily rejected", the memo stated.

The reason for this is that Cohen allegedly communicated with Daniels' former lawyer Keith Davidson regarding her hush agreement regarding her alleged affair with Trump, and she wants those communications protected. Much of the information in the document, which appeared to be based on information in Cohen's bank records, was soon confirmed by major news outlets. Brinkley previously claimed Trump had made advances on her when he was still married to first wife Ivana.

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To prove this, Lyamin cites as an example loss of an Israeli F-16 fighter jet in one of previous Israeli strikes this February. At least 11 Iranians were among those killed in unprecedented Israeli strikes in Syria, a monitor said Saturday.

Avenatti also went on the attack in his filing, saying that Cohen's objection to his pro hac vice application is nothing "but a highly improper attempt to soil Mr. Avenatti and unnecessarily lure and entangle this Court into Mr. Cohen's elaborate campaign to now discredit Mr. Avenatti".

Cohen's lawyers claimed that parts of Avenatti's document was untrue, and that it referenced a number of wire transfers and transactions that Cohen himself was never involved in.

"Mr. Avenatti has ... deliberately distorted information from the records which appear to be in his possession for the goal of creating a toxic mix of misinformation", Ryan said in his letter to the court. Avenatti did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Newsweek on Monday.

Avenatti tells us he and Christie are friends. "They should get used to it, 'cause we're not changing".

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