Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Science | By Clint Wade

Surface Hub 2 Offers Microsoft's Take on Minority Report

Surface Hub 2 Offers Microsoft's Take on Minority Report

Microsoft will begin testing Surface Hub 2 with select commercial customers in 2018 ahead of availability in 2019.

This device has the same 2:3 aspect ratio as other Surface products.

The Surface Hub 2 will include 4K cameras that rotate with the device and integrated speakers and far-field mic arrays.

Up to four Surface Hub 2 screens can be tiled together in portrait or landscape view.

A few weeks back, Microsoft announced that the Surface Hub stock was running low and that the device would soon be almost impossible to buy. Sporting a new look and shedding the thick bezels of its predecessors, the device offers users new placement options, including a four-screen video wall configuration that creates an expansive canvas for Power BI dashboards, PowerPoint presentations and virtual meetings. Surface Hub 2 takes the baby steps towards a multiple display thing.

Microsoft debuted the first-generation Surface Hub in January, 2015, at the remarkable event that also introduced the world to the HoloLens.

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The firm has revealed a giant 50.5inch touchscreen called the Surface Hub 2, which it says is created to replace a whiteboard. I eagerly look forward to getting some hands-on time with this hardware in the near future as the promise on paper is encouraging and I can only hope that the device in practice holds up to the high bar the Surface brand has established.

The Surface Hub 2 won't be battery-powered, though Microsoft's not saying exactly what technology will power it.

Seiler said "dynamic collaboration" is what will set the Surface Hub 2 apart from other similar devices. Companies can line up four Surface Hub 2s together to get an incredibly handsome experience across all the Surface Hub 2s. While we are having a video call with someone, we do not have to shrink their face, but instead, use the full capacity of the Surface Hub 2. Rather, the ability to switch from landscape to portrait via a hinge will prove as a huge attraction, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft today announced the successor to its high-end Surface Hub whiteboard, the Surface Hub 2. With the Surface Hub 2, Microsoft's trying to enable what it calls "immersive collaboration", allowing as many people access to the device as possible.

The Surface Hub was a insane expensive digital whiteboard that could handle anything from video conferences to document collaboration.

So far, Microsoft is keeping pricing and technical details under wraps.

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