Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
World News | By Joan Terry

Apple's got more self-driving cars on the road than Google, Tesla

Apple's got more self-driving cars on the road than Google, Tesla

This is pretty much what all its rivals have been doing as well, but in Apple's case the brand may never progress to the point where it'll be building its own self-driving electric vehicle.

Apple has 83 safety drivers taking part in this project who will be supervising the vehicles.

The new figures show that Apple still has the second-largest autonomous-car test fleet in California, which is arguably the epicenter of self-driving vehicle research. In March this year, that number was at 45.

The California DMV also told Mac Reports that Apple has not applied for a completely driverless testing permit, which the DMV started issuing in April.

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Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment. First place is held by GM Cruise - this company was 104 self-driving auto and 407 drivers. In total, the Department has given such permission 53 companies. It may just partner with auto manufacturers to deploy its self-driving software, like it's done with CarPlay, or it could go back to its original dream of making an Apple vehicle. After starting with a secret operation to build a self-driving vehicle codenamed Project Titan in 2014, the project fell apart in two years.

We do know that the autonomous auto scene is heating up - Tesla and Drive.Ai are lagging behind Apple, but fellow California-native GM Cruise leads the pack with 104 vehicles with self-driving capacity. The fact that it's adding more cars to its fleet suggests that this new line of thinking is working out for it.

Interestingly, only in June 2017, the head of Apple Tim cook for the first time confirmed that his company has a division that develops technology for Autonomous cars.

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