Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
IT | By Laverne Higgins

U.S. net neutrality bill gets enough Senate votes to advance

U.S. net neutrality bill gets enough Senate votes to advance

The measure, approved by a 52-47 vote, would void a decision made in December by the Republican majority of the Federal Communications Commission to scrap the regulations established in 2015 by the agency when Democrats controlled it during the Obama administration. They were joined by the two independents who usually vote with them, Sens. Even if it passes the House, President Trump could still - and likely will - veto the order when it lands on his desk. While powerful telecom companies would be the sole beneficiaries of the FCC's rule change, surveys have consistently showed widespread and bipartisan backing for the net neutrality protections, with a recent poll showing 83 percent of Americans in support.

But Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., who on Wednesday attempted to have the CRA set aside and his own legislation draft considered, said in a statement, "This vote was about politics, not protecting net neutrality".

The net neutrality rules were enacted in 2015 to keep internet providers from slowing down or blocking content, as well as to prevent those providers from charging higher prices for faster service.

In order to stop the FCC's rollback of net neutrality before it officially starts next month, the resolution will need approval from the House of Representatives as well as President's Trump's signature. "If Congress wants to weigh in on net neutrality, it should not act inaptly, but rather affirmatively to adopt a law clearly embodying the policies and practices it deems appropriate".

Democrats argue the new FCC rules give too much power to internet service providers, which they fear will throttle down internet speeds for some websites and services while ramping it up for others who pay more. He believes the issue will energize Democratic voters in the midterm elections and help the party capture seats now held by Republicans.

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"New Hampshire businesses like Stonyfield are creating good jobs, promoting sustainability and corporate responsibility, and are speaking out in favor of important priorities like net neutrality", said Senator Hassan.

Open-internet advocates are challenging the new rule in federal court.

What are the chances of the net neutrality CRA passing?

The prior Administration's regulatory overreach took us in the opposite direction, reducing investment in broadband networks and particularly harming small Internet service providers in rural and lower-income areas. "Well, some on the other side of the aisle reached the cynical conclusion that exploiting concern about the internet outweighed the value of working with Republicans to pass net neutrality protections".

A similar resolution in the House, authored by Congressman Mike Doyle, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, has garnered 162 co-sponsors, all Democrats.

With voting still ongoing, supporters had 51 votes to proceed to the bill while 46 Republicans have voted no. According to data provided by Google, net neutrality regularly ranks among top political searches in each state.

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