Published: Fri, May 18, 2018
Medicine | By Edmund Robinson

EAC states on high alert after DRC Ebola outbreak

EAC states on high alert after DRC Ebola outbreak

The outbreak of the deadly Ebola in Congo has spread from villages to cities, which caused concerns about loss of control over the disease, reports BBC.

"While the WHO raised the national public health risk to 'very high", it said the global risk level is "currently low".

The emergency meeting is to "consider the worldwide risks" of the deadly Ebola virus disease, which has now moved to an urban area of DRC.

Geneva - The World Health Organisation has raised its assessment of the public health risk that the Democratic Republic of Congo faces from Ebola.

The reassessment came after the first confirmed case in Mbandaka, a city of around 1.5 million on the banks of the Congo River in the northwest of the country.

"All must be done to isolate the Ebola cases, especially since there has been a case in Mbandaka city", said EU Humanitarian Aid Commissioner, Christos Stylianides.

"Urban Ebola is a very different phenomenon to rural Ebola because we know that people in urban areas can have far more contacts so that means that urban Ebola can result in an exponential increase in cases in a way that rural Ebola struggles to do".

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According to Seipone, symptoms of Ebola virus disease include a fever of acute onset (37.5oC) with unexplained bleeding tendencies from the nose (epistasis), gums, vagina, skin or eyes, bloody stools, vomiting and coughing blood, diarrhoea, deterioration of vision or decreased consciousness.

But WHO advised against any restriction of travel and trade to the Democratic Republic of the Congo based on the now available information.

"We are entering a new phase of the Ebola outbreak that is now affecting three health zones, including an urban health zone", Ilunga said in a statement. On average, about 50% of people who become ill with Ebola die.

The WHO statement said there had been 21 suspected, 20 probable and 3 confirmed cases of Ebola between April 4 and May 15, a total of 44 cases, including 15 deaths.

The vaccine, from pharmaceutical firm Merck, is unlicensed but was effective in limited trials during the West Africa outbreak. One challenge will be keeping the vaccine cold in a region with poor infrastructure and patchy electricity.

She warned that the disease can be transmitted via human contact with the body fluids of an infected person and is fatal.

It is the ninth time Ebola outbreak that has been recorded in the DRC, whose eastern Ebola river gave the deadly virus its name when it was discovered there in the 1970s, and the outbreak comes less than a year after one that killed eight people.

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