Published: Tue, July 10, 2018
World News | By Joan Terry

Trump scolds North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members days ahead of summit

Trump scolds North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members days ahead of summit

Through all this has run a thread of accusations, strangely enough by the very liberals who for decades insisted US leaders needed to work more closely with Moscow, that Trump should be actively unfriendly toward Putin.

The tensions with Trump look all the more stark in the context of a summit that will take important decisions to boost NATO's ability to defend itself from the threat it sees from Russian Federation.

"I think that our alliance is very solid and including all of the efforts that the United States is making to shore up the sovereignty of the Ukraine".

Many members of Congress, including some of Trump's fellow Republicans, have sought to reassure allies nervous about some of Trump's statements that there is still strong support in Washington for traditional allies like the country's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation partners.

He accuses European NATO allies of freeloading, telling a rally this week that they had treated the US like "schmucks".

Putin complained to Trump about the people who tried to stop the two men from talking, reporter Julie Hirschfeld Davis found.

He told Mr. Putin that Russian Federation and the United States should get along better.

The top German officials expressed their frank criticism in interviews with media published on July 6, one day after Trump told a rally of supporters that Americans have been "schmucks" for paying a large share of Germany's and NATO's defense bills.

Heat wave death toll rises in Quebec
A cold front is forecast to pass through southern Ontario this afternoon ushering in a slightly cooler and less humid air mass. Couillard noted that the weather is expected to cool down by Friday but "we expect to have this kind of episode every year".

NATO Ambassador Kay Bailey Hutchison says President Trump will "encourage" Russian President Vladimir Putin to change his country's "malign" behaviors during the two leaders' upcoming summit in Finland this month.

- Stopping our military exercises with South Korea.

And despite Trump's outward rhetoric, the US contribution hasn't gone down, suggesting that nervousness around the summit may be overplayed, said Michaels.

"We are seeing Russian Federation with malign activities on so many fronts right now, especially the hybrid area where they are through social media sowing discontent and even false information to try to divide our allies and take them away from the West and toward some dissidents and then hopefully they think influenced by them", the Envoy says.

"Russia should be in this meeting", Trump said in June.

European allies may be less anxious about how Trump might behave in Brussels than about what he could say or do in his meeting with Putin, whose approval he so appears to crave.

A total of 40% of those surveyed expressed a negative attitude towards the United States, while 29% said they viewed America positively.

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