Published: Tue, July 31, 2018
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Polar bear attacks cruise ship employee on Arctic island

Polar bear attacks cruise ship employee on Arctic island

The statement mentions the remaining guards' attempts to remove the polar bear without force before they shot and subsequently killed the animal.

The animal was killed by the injured guard's colleague "in an act of self-defence", the German Hapag Lloyd Cruises company said.

A polar bear was shot dead after it attacked a guard leading tourists off a cruise ship near the North Pole.

According to Hapag-Llyod Cruises, the incident occurred when the four-person polar bear guard team was preparing for a shore leave.

The injured employee was flown by helicopter to the local capital Longyearbyen and then on to Tromso on the mainland in the evening, Malmo said.

There are 18 cruise ships set to dock this week in Longyearbyen, Svalbard's largest settlement.

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Svalbard is mostly ice - and on the islands, polar bears are thought to outnumber people, the BBC reported.

"He was attacked by a bear and bitten in the head", Ole Jakob Malmo, chief superintendent of Svalbard police, said.

The statement explains that in preparing to take a group of visitors ashore in Spitzbergen - a Norwegian archipelago - an advance group of polar guards are sent ashore without passengers.

"When you are in this ecosystem as a tourist, as an explorer or as a scientist, you have the responsibility to follow the protocols to ensure that you stay safe and that you don't interfere with the wild behavior of polar bears". "We are extremely sorry that this incident has happened". "Customers need to start asking themselves if they feel good about a native bear being shot dead to enable their selfish intrusion into this attractive creature's home", wrote one upset poster.

Polar bears have become poster animals for climate change, with scientists identifying human-driven global warming as the biggest threat to the bears' continued existence.

"Let's get too close to a polar bear in its natural environment and then kill it if it gets too close".

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