Published: Fri, August 10, 2018
Finance | By Marshall Campbell

Novichok attack: Russia denounces 'draconian' new US sanctions

Novichok attack: Russia denounces 'draconian' new US sanctions

Earlier, the Kremlin said the new batch of sanctions on Moscow announced by the U.

The rouble-dollar rate reached 66.7 on the Moscow stock exchange.

Russia's embassy in the United States called new U.S. sanctions draconian and said the reason for the new restrictions - allegations it poisoned a former spy and his daughter in Britain - were far-fetched.

Russia's embassy in the United States on Thursday called new USA sanctions draconian and said the reason for the new restrictions - allegations it poisoned a former spy and his daughter in Britain - were far-fetched.

The announcement of USA sanctions caused the value of the rouble to plunge early on Thursday and Russian stock markets to fall.

The novichok-type nerve agent was found on the front door of Skripal's home.

Relations between Russia and the West hit a new low, and the U.S. was among United Kingdom allies that expelled Russian diplomats.

"Thank you United States of America for standing firm with us on this", Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt tweeted. One of the hardest hit was Aeroflot, the Russian state airline, which could lose its ability to fly to the United States as a possible effect of the new sanctions.

The Russian embassy in the USA hit back on Thursday morning.

The Russian embassy said Moscow continued to advocate for an open and transparent investigation into the poisoning. These could go as far as a ban on Russian airlines using United States airports.

Elaborating in a briefing today, a State Department official said the most significant sanction is "the imposition of a presumption of denial for all national security sensitive goods or technologies that are controlled by the Department of Commerce pursuant to the Export Administration Regulations". USA officials say the order is meant to answer the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in Britain.

Lombok natural disaster death toll rises to 105 amid search for survivors
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The US is trying to play up this "anti-Russian topic as a way to continue demonizing Russia" and make it appear that it is not fulfilling its global obligations, Zakharova said.

He criticised the U.S. decision to link the sanctions to the British nerve agent case, an incident the Kremlin has long cast as a Western plot to damage its reputation and provide a pretext for more sanctions. It would also impose mandatory sanctions on individuals found to have taken part in the interference.

"Once again we totally reject any allegations of possible Russian government involvement over what happened in Salisbury".

"The financial system is rather robust.That's obvious to everyone", said Kremlin spokesman Peskov. An administration official said the list of affected items is "enormously elaborate", but exports to Russian Federation that could have a military objective were already banned under the Obama administration.

The leaders, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had met at summit in Helsinki.

What was the nerve agent?

The US expelled a number of Russian diplomats as part of an worldwide response to the attack, when the former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter were taken ill in March.

Turkey's lira, Britain's pound and now Russia's rouble are all in play this week with outsize losses in each due to domestic policy concerns and global trade and diplomatic relations.

Trump also ordered the expulsion of 60 Russians, including 12 identified as intelligence officers, and closed the Russian consulate in Seattle.

Three months after the Salisbury attack, two other people fell ill at a house in Amesbury, about eight miles from the city. They recovered after weeks of treatment.

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